Our Story

In 2005, PT was formally incorporated under the name "PT Construction and Irrigation Company Limited". PT came from humble beginnings as a small construction company, developing Laos by building roads, bridges and other small infrastructure projects. One project at a time, PT built a reputation as a reliable business partner within Laos and the region. In the years that followed, the regional economy of ASEAN saw rapid growth and with that, came an increase in energy demand.

This demand lead to opportunities within the energy sector, especially hydropower. Because of our reputation, PT was able to successfully partner with foreign investors to develop some of the largest hydropower projects in ASEAN, driving growth to not only Laos, but also neighboring economies.

Today, PT is one of Lao PDR’s leading investment companies with a proven track record in many industries, including alternative energy, food and beverage, and telecommunications.

Our experience and expertise in the Laotian business and investment landscape have made us a trusted partner for those seeking investments in Laos. We pride ourselves on being an engine of growth for Lao PDR and its people, and we continue to look to the future for opportunities in both Laos and ASEAN.